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Robert Carlini Educational Memorial Fund

The Robert Carlini Educational Memorial Fund has been established and is currently in the fundraising stage. Our plan is to continue fund raising through the end of the year and then make distributions in the form of a grant to women enrolled in educational programs who are in the care of one of the charities have supported, i.e. Agape, Shiloh and Emily's place. The grant will be paid to the charity in the name of the grant recipient and the charity will provide Caring Hearts with annual updates on the progress the grantee is making with her educational goals. Depending on the amount of donations received and the number of candidates qualifying for a grant from the fund, we may end up continuing the funding of grants through 2022.


Bob was such a dear friend to all of us. We had many wonderful times together. Those memories will always be there for us to cherish.


Donations may be made on our website or you can mail a check to:

The Community of Caring Hearts Charity

7405 Kingsbarns

The Colony, Tx 75056

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